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Profile of US West/Qwest Retirees

By Clyde Just

Originally published in Issue 3 – 2023 Retiree Guardian, newsletter of the CenturyLink Retirees

Have you ever wondered about how many retirees from our company are still living? Well, I have and with help from Marina Pearson, Lumen VP – Benefits & Policy, the chart below provides some answers. I have basically divided the retirees into two groups. The first group includes those who retired prior to March 1, 1990. This group also includes the retirees from the 1992 ERO group. The second group is those who retired after March 1, 1990. The chart below explains the information for both of these groups.

I do not recall how many retired with the “3+3” offer of 1986 or from the “5+5” offer of 1990. I just remember that they were very large numbers. These two groups, plus any other retirees who did not take either one of these offers, are now down to just 6,025 who are still alive. I personally know of several who even retired prior to the beginning of US West on January 1, 1984.  

I hope that you find this information informative.

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