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Our members consist of union and management retirees from every naming iteration of the company. Membership is available to all past and present employees and their spouses. OUR HISTORY

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Medicare Costs in 2023

(Previously published in the 2023, issue 1, Retiree Guardian) Medicare Costs in 2023 By Barbara Wilcox, SHIP Counselor Good news! Some Medicare costs are actually going down in 2023. These decreases plus the 8.7% Cost of Living Increase (COLA) that we got in our Social Security benefits mean a few more dollars in the bank…

What’s New in Medicare

(Prevously published in the 2023, issue 1, of the Retiree Guardian) What’s New in Medicare By Barbara Wilcox, SHIP Counselor Changes are coming to Medicare which will reduce costs, enhance benefits and make it easier to enroll without late penalties or gaps in coverage. Some of the changes were made by Congress and some result…

2023 Legislative Priorities with 118th Congress

NRLN Board Identifies 2023 Legislative Priorities with 118th Congress By Cynthia Hadsell Your retiree association is an active participant on the board of the National Retiree legislative Network. We also support the creation and revision of documents used to educate members of Congress on issues for seniors. We are fortunate to have the continued leadership…

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