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IMPORTANT UPDATE – New Businesssolver email.

New Businesssolver email for Retiree Health Insurance Issues.   Message from Marina Pearson, VP HR, as of 1/19/2022

IMPORTANT UPDATE! No need to stay on the phone holding for Businessolver (BSC) reps! There is now a temporary customer service email exclusively for Lumen Retirees at This email goes directly to BSC staff ready to answer your questions related to:

  • Website access, resetting passwords, new account setup and navigation
  • Lumen benefit premium payments and HRA reimbursements
  • Requests to delete or change HRA reimbursements you have uploaded

Be sure to include what name that your benefits are under, and it wouldn’t hurt to include the last 4 of your SS# and/or date of birth to find you records. In addition to the new email, 22 new service reps will be ready to take your call on Friday 1/21.  More reps are being added over the next 2 weeks. It’s all hands-on-deck to bring the phone hold times down. So going forward, please try the BSC phone number or new email but if you don’t get help or need any support in the future, feel free to email me at I’m still here.

UPDATE 2/7/22Another option for sending the email would be to say “Please have a service rep call me and also let me know when the call is scheduled so I will be available“. BSC should respond back to you (after the immediate canned response) what day and time period they will call you. It might be a couple of days later but before you get a scheduled call but could be better than waiting on the phone.

Paper Option. Information from Marina Pearson, VP HR, as of 1/18/22

If Paper is Preferred. This is to confirm that if you don’t want to set up an account online with BSC you can still process everything with them with paper. Your invoice for Lumen benefits will be mailed to you which you can send in a check to pay. For HRA reimbursements, you can use the paper claim form and a copy of your documentation and BSC will send you a paper check. You can find the forms on our web site. Here is the direct link to where you can find the forms: This information website is not through BSC but instead is maintained by my team at Lumen. Check out the Retiree tab for information about your benefits, read the Retiree Newsletter, and find legal documents like summary plan descriptions.

Note: If you prefer that no financial information is input on the Businessolver website, Lumen is working on an “All Paper” method. If you are reading this, you obviously have internet service, but may need to know that there will be an “All Paper” solution soon. You would receive forms in the mail, fill them out and return them to Businessolver. We’ll post more as soon as the details are known, probably within the next two weeks.

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