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Important information as of January 17, 2022, from Marina Pearson, VP HR, Lumen


BSC call volume and hold times continue to be heavy and long so I thought I would provide a short update.

Service Center

First, BSC added 18 new call service reps last week and another 22 will be added later this week. In addition, there will be a new email box established on Wednesday 1/19 where you can send questions directly to BSC (instead of to me :)) related to your system access, resetting passwords, verifying information, etc. Please note – I will be going into 3 days of all-day meeting starting tomorrow 1/18 and will not be responding to email so you may want to hold off sending me an email and instead wait until I post the new email address on Wednesday.

Basic Actions for All

Also, I’ve summarized below what the basic actions you should be taking based on the retiree group you are in but in general for all retirees, please know your banking information and HRA requests (other than through Via Benefits) DID NOT transfer to the new vendor so please register as a new user on to set up your new account if you haven’t already. Also, here is the link to the recorded webinar on how to set up your account:

Pre91/92ERO –

• No action is needed unless you want to set up an account to change your address or update beneficiary online.

• The only exceptions: 1) are for surviving spouses who are paying for coverage – you’ll need to either set up your account to pay online or wait for your invoice and pay by mail and 2) if you opted out of Lumen medical coverage and selected the HRA, you’ll need to submit your reimbursements to the new service center.

Qwest Mgmt –

• If you enrolled in your supp Medicare plan through Via Benefits, the file will continue to be sent to the new service center for reimbursements but unless you want a paper check you’ll want to set up your account and enter your banking info in the MyChoice section of your account.

• If Medicare eligible, you need to set up your MyChoice account for all other reimbursement requests (not on Via Benefit file).

• Remember for Lumen dental starting in February will be billed/you pay the full cost and at the same time you will receive auto reimbursement of either $20 (if single cov) or $40 (for retiree/spouse).

Qwest Craft/Occ –

• Same as Qwest Mgmt above except for Lumen dental you do not have an auto reimbursement set up. You’ll need to set that up similar to your Medicare Part B.

Tips and Info:

• It takes 5-7 business days to process a reimbursement from the HRA once it is loaded to the system.

• It takes 2-4 business days when using “Make a Payment” to pay for benefit premium to clear your bank.

• Regarding the option to “delete” or “change” your HRA reimbursement requests you’ve already entered. Turns out right now you can’t do this yourself. You’ll be able to send an email starting on Wed 1/19 to BSC to have a rep make the updates for you until system enhancements they are working on are completed so you can do this yourself.

• We found out today there was an issue with the creation of January invoices, and many were not sent. So, if you haven’t been invoiced for January premiums, BSC is aware of the issue and is correcting for February. And remember, I’ve instructed BSC that no retiree will be dropped for late payment (even though it says that can happen on the invoice) until we get through all the transition issue to the new vendor.

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