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Update (Feb. 17, 2022) from Marina Pearson, HR VP Lumen

A few more updates that were posted on the US WEST/QWEST retirees and wannabes Facebook page by Marina Pearson, HR VP, LUMEN.

1) FAQs – Attached are questions and answers from the retiree webinars held by BSC earlier that you might find helpful. –

2) Want to have your HRA reimbursements direct deposited to your bank account rather than receiving a check? Compete and return the attached Direct Deposit Form. –

3) Need to add your banking info to your BSC account to autopay your Lumen benefit premiums (e.g., dental)? Attached is the form to complete and send in. –

4) I’m sharing an advanced copy of the final Retiree Benefit System Guide that is at the printer now so hopefully will be in the mail in a few days. This one is for all retirees, except Pre91/ERO92. There is a separate guide for that group. –

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