Help Links

The CenturyLink Retirees do not have special access to any of the LUMEN systems.

We have found the links below to be the most helpful for gaining access to, or getting answers for: Password help – HRA info – Life Insurance – Dental – Businessolver – MyChoice – Via Benefits Concessions – Retirement questions – 1099’s, etc.

Help support the CenturyLink Retirees mission of supporting you! (CenturyLink Retirees DBA – NWB, US West, Qwest Retiree Association)

1) LUMEN Benefits – Everything starts from here –

2) LUMEN Retiree Benefits Links

3) Retiree Benefits System Navigation Guide – This document will provide answers to a multitude of questions regarding… * Password help * HRA information * Life Insurance * Dental * Businessolver * MyChoice * Via Benefits * Concessions * and more. Hint – Check out the contents starting on the second page. Once you find your topic, click on it, and it will bring you directly that subject in the document.  

4) Guide to Navigating the Service Center Voice Response System – Effective January 1, 2022, the Lumen Service Center for the administration of our retiree benefits was changed to Businessolver, Inc. Please Note: As a result of this change there are now two telephone numbers to access the system, dependent upon the benefit about which you are inquiring.

5) HR Connect – Contact them should you need information on any subject not covered in the links above like, “when can I get my retirement”, “where’s my 1099”, or anything else. Continue to Contact HR Connect for more information.

6) United Healthcare – (844) 588-5873For retiree’s questions on the new Medicare Advantage Plan + Dental (MAPD+D)

7) What’s an award letter, when would I need one, and how do I get one? – – An award letter is documentation that verifies your income.  It is also known as a “benefit verification letter,” a “budget letter,” a “benefits letter,” a “proof of income letter,” or a “proof of award letter.”

8) The transfer of pension payments from the Lumen Combined Pension Plan (the “Plan”) to ATHENE Annuity and Life Company for a subset of current pension recipients – Includes contact information for ATHENE

9) What to do when a retiree dies – Contains information we hope never to need, but must have for when that time comes. It’s also another tool for preparing end of life documents.

10) Other Retiree Organizations which may be more appropriate to your situation or location can be found on the Bell System Memorial page. Scroll down and click on “Retiree Information