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Update (Feb. 1, 2022) from Marina Pearson, Lumen VP of HR

A few updates – We have implemented a few things to help with the long wait times on the phones and processing time for HRA reimbursements.

1. Phone Lines: 75 service reps are being onboarded this week and next as they finish their training.

2. HRA Claims: We have put in automation to help pay HRA claims which has resulted in more claims getting paid faster but one thing I didn’t know about until today. If you requested an “annual amount” to be paid over 12 months, the auto process paid the full annual amount instead of monthly. This doesn’t happen if a service rep processes your claim. If you receive the full annual amount, keep the money and apply to your future premiums as you wish.

3. HRA Claims Denied or No Action: Action is being taken to identify and reprocess claims that have been denied related to documentation. This also includes claims that show as “processed” but haven’t been moved to “approved/paid”. Both of these groups of claims will be addressed this week to move to approve/pay status.

Finally, we are mailing to all retirees a packet including a comprehensive guide to the new system and processes, HRA claim forms, a new form to add your banking information to your account and FAQs from the recently held webinars. We hope to have it in the mail no later than next week.

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