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Medicare Part B Premium Reimbursement

(From Issue 2, 2021 of the Retiree Guardian)

Attention Pre-1991 and 1992 ERO Retirees!

Medicare Part B Premium Reimbursement

If you are a Pre-1991 or 1992 ERO Retiree, Lumen reimburses you for the Medicare Part B premium that the Federal Government deducts from your Social Security payment each month. The amount of the Part B premium has gone up again in 2021, and you have to notify the  company of the new amount so that you get the correct reimbursement. You do this by making a copy of the statement you received from Social Security in December 2020 that shows the amount being deducted in 2021 and mailing it to Lumen.

Some of you may be aware that the Lumen Service Center changed the address you send your Social Security information to when you update your Part B premium reimbursement to the 2021 amount. This address change was made after many of you had already sent your information to the previous address. We have been informed by Lumen Benefits that your Part B update is being made regardless of which address you used.

Here is the clarification we have received from Lumen Benefits.

New P.O. Box effective 2/8/21

P.O. Box 64116

The Woodlands, TX 77381

• If you sent documents to the old box, you do not need to resend. There is no “wrong” box to send to.

If you sent in your notice by March 31, 2021, your reimbursements are updated retroactively back to the beginning of the year. You can report updated amounts after that date, but the new premium amount will only be reimbursed going forward, starting with the next month after your updated information is received.

If you have not already done so, report your 2021Part B premium amount by mailing in a copy of the notice you received from Social Security showing the amount being withheld from your monthly Social Security payment for Medicare Part B and any Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount (IRMAA) related to your Part B premium. (IRMAA applies only to individuals with high annual income over $88,000 per individual.)

Note: This change in PO Box does not affect anything else you may mail to the Lumen Service Center.

If you are a Post-1990 Retiree, you do not receive reimbursements through this process then this notice does not apply to you. You will continue to receive reimbursements for Medicare-related expenses through the YSA process you have always used and according to the rules that apply to you, depending on whether you retired as management or occupational.

Barbara Wilcox

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